Acro-Corinth, 2009

Roman Agora, 2009

Areopagus, 2011

Delphi, 2009

Diros Caves, 2011

Epidaurus, 2009

Temple of Hephaestus, 2009

Mt. Lykabettos, 2011

National Museum, 2009

Osios Loukas, 2009

Sparta, 2011

Athens Stadium, 2011

Theater of Dionysus, 2011

Corinth, 2011

Plaka, 2011

Epidaurus, 2011

Acropolis, 2011

Theater of Herodes Atticus, 2009

Aigina, 2009

Delphi, 2009

Nemea, 2009

Participants from the summer 2009 & 2011 UW Classics in Greece programs created real-time journals to document their travels. During the fall of 2018, in anticipation of the ten-year anniversary of the first program, the students were invited to update those journals with new entries about their impressions of Greece and study abroad from their current perspectives. These new journal entries have been collected below.

The original journals for Greece 2009 and Greece 2011 are still available.

If you participated in one of these programs and would like to submit a new journal entry or update an existing one, please send your comments and photos to Jeff Beneker.

Emily A

Credentials: 2009

It’s hard to believe nearly a decade has passed since we studied abroad in Greece—in some ways, it seems like only moments ago that we stood in awe before the Acropolis, soaking in new knowledge…

Alli B

Credentials: 2009

I can still vividly remember our whole group, huddled up, meeting for the first time. We asked Professor Beneker if there was something we ought to know about Greek people, some last minute tidbit before…

Allison B

Credentials: 2009

When I reflect on my time in Greece, what do I find most memorable? As a Classical Humanities lover, I easily remember the sites I finally saw in person, an opportunity that is not always…

Erin C

Credentials: 2011

As I’m sitting here, trying to think of what exactly to write, how to explain the great experiences I had on the Greece study abroad trip in 2011, I keep looking at a shelf in…

Amy H

Credentials: 2011

Traveling abroad to Greece in college was my first experience leaving the US. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. Would the people be nice? How do people live without typical American customs? How would…

Anneke K

Credentials: 2009

My experience studying abroad in Greece in the summer of 2009 was my first time traveling out of the United States without my parents, and to be honest, I was terrified. I had never been…

September M

Credentials: 2011

When I think back to my summer of study abroad in Greece, Nafplio in particular always stands out in my mind. Nafplio was this small little coastal town with the most beautiful views. It felt…

Amanda S

Credentials: 2011

It is hard to believe that I studied abroad in Greece in 2011! Over seven years later, I still think of the experience often. I have always had the bug for traveling, going all around…