Amy H

Credentials: 2011

Traveling abroad to Greece in college was my first experience leaving the US. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. Would the people be nice? How do people live without typical American customs? How would I understand a language I can’t read, nor understand? When arriving in Greece these questions were quickly answered, and to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Adapting to life in Greece was easy – visiting museums, enjoying Gyros, eating long dinners outdoors in the view of the Acropolis, and shouting “ya sas” and ‘Efharisto” when ever seemed appropriate. When looking back at those weeks, I can’t recall one favorite memory. Each experience will always make me smile as some of the favorite of my life. Exploring Athens by visiting the Acropolis and Olympic stadium and walking back in time through the Acropolis Museum stands out because of the ancient history encased within the city. Studying abroad in Greece was not just about history, it was also about island hopping from Aegina to Paros and Santorini, visiting wineries, and listening to Opera music. Traveling to Greece not only encouraged me more to travel more, but revealed a motivation to learn about other cultures. Since that time, I have traveled to Ireland, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Mexico, Belize, the Netherlands, Germany and Canada. Taking this summer abroad trip, taught me so much about life and so much about myself. I will always be grateful for the opportunity.

Thank you always for leading such an memorable and important trip! I will never forget all the lessons I learned or the fun I had!